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Paade Mode is the mirror of kids imagination and dreams where everything is possible

Established in 2011, Paade Mode has grown into a leading family-run kidswear brand, synonymous with slow fashion in Northern Europe and spanning across 20+ countries. As a conceptual and trendy label, Paade Mode seamlessly integrates an edgy, tailored high street aesthetic, fusing casual wear with contemporary luxury and elegance.

Led by a small, creative team, Paade Mode has earned international recognition and numerous accolades in children’s fashion. Founded by Linda Raituma, the brand's debut whimsical collection garnered acclaim from fashion blogs and editors, propelling it into a bold and successful journey.

Paade Mode's distinctive look combines color blocking, custom design embroidery, seamless knitwear, and premium-quality Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese textiles. True to its core values of embracing kids' personalities and sustainability, Paade Mode believes that every outfit should serve as a well-cut canvas for the diverse needs of a modern family lifestyle.

In today's dynamic fashion landscape, Paade Mode champions the art of mixing couture with high street details. The brand offers versatile clothes suitable for school, kindergarten, and beyond—transitional outfits that effortlessly shift from daily activities to dinners or friends' parties with a simple item change.

Paade Mode mirrors the boundless imagination and dreams of kids, offering a diverse range, from tailored party dresses and relaxed everyday wear to statement coats, bombers, chunky handmade knitwear, seamless comfort in cardigans and leggings, and stylish accessories. Certain styles are thoughtfully adapted for babies.

With a widespread presence across Europe, South Korea, America, and beyond, Paade Mode is available in leading fashion stores worldwide, catering to families seeking quality and style for their little ones.

paade mode


At Paade Mode, we keep it close. Our dedication to slow fashion and ethical production shines through in our careful selection of materials and expert craftsmanship—all sourced and executed within the European Union.

Explore our collection for sustainable and stylish choices that resonate with your values.


At Paade Mode, we seek innovation in both design and technology to infuse our styles with a blend of freshness and comfort.

Explore our collection for fashion-forward choices that prioritize both cutting-edge design and lasting comfort.


Discover unparalleled comfort for sensitive skin with Paade Mode's seamless knitwear line.

Explore our collection for a seamless blend of style and skin-friendly luxury.


Experience the epitome of craftsmanship in our handmade knitwear and clothing at Paade Mode.

Our meticulous care ensures each piece is crafted with love, guaranteeing the highest quality for your style.


At Paade Mode, we prioritize organic and natural materials in our collection. From soft cottons to cozy wools, delicate silks, and breezy linen, explore our range for sustainable and comfortable fashion choices.


At Paade Mode, we dare to craft the unseen.

Explore our collection for a touch of fun and inspiration in fashion like never before.


At Paade Mode, collaboration is key. We work closely, think together, and invite creatives to generate inspiring collections.


At Paade Mode, we blend classic aesthetics with modern flair. Our collections intertwine soft romance with bold silhouettes, diverse textures, and vibrant colors.

Explore our range for a harmonious fusion of timeless and contemporary fashion.

Our treasure

Paade Mode COllections

SS 2024

Surrender To Nature

Immerse yourself in the symphony of nature – where the sea meets the shore, and vibrant gardens whisper tales of togetherness. Let the waves and untamed spirit of the forest guide you to a sun-kissed beach, and dance along the shore. Discover profound bliss in nature's embrace.

paade mode collection fw23

FW 2023/2024


Imagine a sky painted in a canvas of warm hues, where the mountains appear to be bathed in a radiant halo—as if the sun is about to set or rise in its full majestic Alpenglow.

ss 2023

Romantic Monsters

Have you ever wondered how a classical masterpiece would appear in the 'now'? Every visit to the Uffizi leaves me captivated by the intricate patterns and details of Botticelli's Primavera and the warmly radiant colors of Venus. Glancing at postcards of Primavera from Florence, I am continually amazed by its timeless beauty.

While still entranced by Botticelli's work, I chanced upon the surrealistic collages by Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov. I was swept away by the way he envisions classical figures seamlessly integrated into scenes of contemporary life.

FW 2022/2023


The Earth keeps spinning.
The world keeps changing.
Everything around you is in constant motion.

paade mode collection ss22

SS 2022


The "Catch the Wind" collection invites countless moments of spontaneity. We'll declare boredom only to ignite a playful rhyme-creating game, where one initiates the rhyme, and the other concludes it. Or perhaps indulge in an alphabet game, swiftly calling out words for each letter, both real and imaginary.

FW 2021/2022

wildberries secret

The long winter months are perfect for cozy family evenings with tea, homemade pancakes, and a special jam. This homemade wild berry jam transports me to a magical place, brimming with inspiration and wonders.

What is the secret of wild berries?

SS 2021


The Miilu collection is akin to a gentle touch—the most delicate dance of the wind. Like a meaningful glance—profound, deeper than the universe. It captures the essence of an accidental note found in Mom’s book, a drawing left on a pillow, or a secret snowman tucked away in Dad’s suitcase.

paade mode collection fw2020/2021

FW 2020/2021


The 'Dreamer' collection encourages us to do just that—dream of a better world, a brighter future, and making seemingly impossible things possible. It serves as a reminder that even in this chaotic world, dreams are the building blocks of happiness, intelligence, mindfulness, and evolution.

paade mode collection ss2020

ss 2020


The 'Herbarium' collection narrates a tale of fragility, the cycles of beginnings and ends, memories, longevity, and mindfulness. It serves as a gentle reminder of the unique sensation of capturing nature through photography and drawings. Patterns are intricately woven into fabric, and scents linger in perfumes and even food, preserved between the pages of an old book. All the while, emphasizing the importance of cherishing, nurturing, and protecting this beauty for generations to come.

FW 2019/2020


The 'Mixtape' collection is a lively assortment of styles suitable for every occasion, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as movie soundtracks, chart-toppers, or that ever-present song stuck in your head. Fearlessly exploring various eras, the collection seamlessly fuses 90s pop, the smooth jazz of the mid-20s, and classical and romantic tones. True to its essence, Paade Mode effortlessly combines elements of romance, edge, and trendy luxury in a mix-and-match fashion.

paade mode collection ss2019

SS 2019


It holds the charm of a secret childhood sweetheart—the unsent love notes, the delicacy of rose petals, seams concealed within a garment. Small, unnoticed details akin to pearls in a shell or the key to an undiscovered garden door. Enchanting water creatures embodying magical beauty. Embracing imperfection.

paade mode collection fw2018/2019

FW 2018/2019


The 'Classbook of Best Friends Forever' collection takes you on a wanderlustful journey through the chapters of school life. From the initial days of opening a diary to the enchanting ambiance of winter holidays, experience the timeless bonds of friendship in every chapter.

paade mode collection ss2018

SS 2018


Collection draws inspiration from the colors, contrasts, and softness inherent in the magic of spring and summer flowers. Blending the characteristics of nature with cultural and architectural influences in form and silhouette, the collection envisions a world that exudes magic through its simplicity, ease, and straightforward nature.

paade mode collection fw2017/2018

fw 2017/2018


Drawing inspiration from the enchanting depths of winter woods and embracing cultural and architectural legacies, 'World is Round' is a fusion of Gertrude Stein’s minimalist and modernist aesthetics found in children’s literature. This collection envisions a world that exudes magic through its simplicity, ease, and straightforward nature.

paade mode collection ss2017

ss 2017


The Sun Daze collection infuses brightness, lightness, and pure enjoyment into those scorching summer days when flowers bloom, insects hum in the meadows, and the air is infused with warmth and freedom. Drawing inspiration from the microscopic beauty of petals, pollen, and plants, the designers seamlessly blend delicate details with the vibrant, bold colors of spring and summer, mirroring the blossoming flowers in various forms.

paade mode collection ss16

ss 2016


Above and below, through texture and light—inhale, exhale. Seek it out. Embrace a different perspective.

paade mode collection fw2015

fw 2015/2016


The collection draws inspiration from the etiquette teachings of Amy Vanderbilt in the early '50s. The concept is to curate a wardrobe for a young city girl with the grace of a little lady, blending uber-stylish elements with classical charm.


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Imagine a sky painted in a canvas of warm hues, where the mountains appear to be bathed in a radiant halo—as if the sun is about to set or rise in its full majestic Alpenglow. This fall and winter,...

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Fall/Winter 2023 Collection: Alpenglow

Fall/Winter 2023 Collection: Alpenglow

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