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Pepe Leather Sandals Nappa White

Akcijas cena€111,30 Standarta cena€159,00

Introducing the Pepe kids' sandals, where style meets comfort in a design perfect for summer adventures and special events. These sandals are meticulously crafted from high-quality leather, featuring a stunning contrast with a creamy white textile bow on the front, enhancing their whimsical and feminine charm. The light tan leather base adds elegance and versatility, making them a perfect match for various outfits. Equipped with a secure ankle strap and a hook-and-loop closure, these sandals are designed for easy on and off, enabling children to manage their footwear independently while ensuring a snug, adjustable fit. The footbed is thoughtfully padded and contoured to fit the natural shape of a child's foot, providing superior comfort throughout the day. Built for both durability and practicality, these Pepe sandals feature a sturdy rubber sole that offers reliable traction and stability, essential for the active lifestyles of young children. Ideal for everything from park outings to school events or family gatherings, these sandals are a fashionable and functional choice that promises to keep little feet comfortable and stylish all day long.

Pepe Leather Sandals Nappa White
Pepe Leather Sandals Nappa White Akcijas cena€111,30 Standarta cena€159,00