Pāriet uz saturu


Jūsu grozs ir tukšs




Those long winter months are perfect for cozy family evenings with tea and home-baked pancakes, topped with a special jam. This homemade wild berry jam took me to a magical place, full of inspiration and wonders.

What is the secret of wild berries? We, humans, are like wild animals; we belong to nature. I have come to realize that my true home is by a campfire in the forest under the stars (Christiana Diamesi, yoga teacher).

Paade Mode’s home country, Latvia, is unique for its forests, which welcome everyone to take a walk, explore nature, and search for treasures. Each summer, we disappear into the woods, enjoying its rhythm and ease, picking up berries and mushrooms, and teasing each other about our blueberry-colored mouths and teeth.

These wild berries – strawberries, blueberries, rowanberries, cranberries, and many more – are healthy, smooth, sweet and sour, juicy in every bite. They boast bold colors and ideal shapes, serving as food for the soul and bringing rich flavors and textures to our modern life.

Small, tenacious, special, delicious, and super healthy – the harsher the conditions, the more valuable they become. These berries have the ability to make you more organized, cure your headache, brighten your smile, reduce the risk of cancer, serve as antioxidants, and provide many more benefits.

Especially in times of uncertainty, we can learn a lot from this wild part of our nature, drawing strength and optimism from wild berries. Keeping in mind that both humans and berries can grow even stronger when faced with a harsh environment.